Trade Finance

American Trade Partnership, LLC can help finance your purchase through credit insurance programs offered by various credit agencies (I.E. USA Exim Bank etc). Upon following terms ~

  1. USA-origin goods and services only.
  2. We are the end-seller/exporter.
  3. Your company must be at-least 3 years in business with audited financial.
  4. We do not submit credit application for our first time customers with only exception that your company is a publicly traded company at your country’s stock exchange.
  5. We are not insurance agent for any of the credit insurance policy. We do not represent any credit insurance program. As exporter, we simply submit credit application for our buyers as required by credit insurance policy guideline. We do not ask for, nor receive, any service fee or commission for the application submission process or from the loan itself.

Overview: Once approved, majority portion of your LC payment can be delayed from 6 months upto 3 years depending on your credit circumstances. Interest rate will depend on the length of the loan and the country of your operation.

Disclaimer: We are not an issuer, broker or seller of any bank instrument such as LC, SBLC, BG, CD etc.