American Trade Partnership, LLC is engaged in export/import of the following goods and commodities. The list may be incomplete. Feel free to contact us with your needs in details.

Grain & OilSeed *

Corn (Maize) USA-Origin
Wheat USA-Origin
Soybean USA-Origin
Sorghum USA-Origin

Vegetable Oils and Protein Meal *

Crude Soybean Oil USA-Origin
Crude Corn Oil USA-Origin
Ex Virgin Olive Oil multiple-origin
Soybean Meal USA-Origin


Coffee Beans multiple-origin

Processed Food Ingredient

Sugar multiple-origin
Salt multiple-origin


Coal multiple-origin

Raw Materials

Iron Ore Australia-origin
Copper Ore multiple-origin
Industrial Salt multiple-origin

Steel recycle

Scrap vessel various-origin

Power Generation Unit (Diesel or Gas)

Generator 750 KW – 2 MW (used/ refurbished) USA-origin

Medical Technology

Medical Equipments USA-origin

* American Trade Partnership LLC is a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) registered grain exporter.