Greetings! American Trade Partnership LLC is an exporter and importer of various goods and services including, but not limited to, commodities, raw materials, finished products, apparel, medical equipments, power generation units etc. We also represent manufacturers and service providers worldwide.

Have you survived the financial crash of 2007-08? If so, you must know that we all need to be scalable enough to grow fast while have to have necessary risk mitigating tools on hand to scale back in months, sometimes even days, notice. In today’s global economy the two vital tools necessary to succeed, and survive, are sustainability and elasticity of your operation and thought process.

We are your local partner with global reach. Our business practice is developed upon extensive market insight of both the sides of Atlantic and Pacific. We intent to be the partner to add value to your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us. No matter how simple or complex your situation is, we will be able to navigate through today’s ever volatile waves of global trade for you and with you.

We welcome you to visit our website and get to know our business methodology, philosophy and standard. We hope to hear from you and do business with you in near and distant future. Have an excellent day.

Management team,
American Trade Partnership LLC